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Data Files:

Data Description:
Data set represents a model for the tectonic growth of North America. Mapped units represent the ages of tectonic, accretionary, and depositional features.

Source (Internet URL, CD/DVD-ROM):
Raster digital file provided by Steven Whitmeyer, 2008, personal communication.

Whitmeyer, S.J., and Karlstrom, K.E., 2007, Tectonic model for the Proterozoic growth of North America: Geosphere, v. 3; no. 4, pp. 220-259.

Data Summary:
ESRI polygon shapefile attributed as presented in the source figure. Digitized at 1:1,000,000. Data is presented in geographic coordinates on the North American Datum of 1983.

Disclaimer or Constraints on Use:
No constraints have been identified.

Figure A-10
Precambrian units after Whitmeyer and Karlstrom (2007)


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