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Data Description:
Geothermal heat flow data provided by the Southern Methodist University Geothermal Laboratory. These data contain regional or background wells for determining heat flow in the United States. Temperature gradients and conductivity were used to generate heat flow measurements. Some heat flow values from wells that are close together were averaged. Data include minimum and maximum temperatures, bottom-hole temperatures, gradients, thermal conductivity, heat flow, porosity, dates of drilling and logging measurements, water table depths, lithology and references.

Source (Internet URL, CD/DVD-ROM):
Data were downloaded from on April 9, 2008.

Blackwell, D. and Richards, M. (editors), 2008, SMU Geothermal Laboratory Regional Heat Flow Database: Southern Methodist University,, accessed April 9, 2008.

Data Summary:
Digital data in ASCII format (comma-separated values) were imported into Microsoft Access. Numeric database attributes with no data values were replaced with “-9999” to represent null values. These data were subsequently converted to ESRI ArcGIS shapefile format using the latitude and longitude values. Data are presented in geographic coordinates on the North American Datum of 1983.

Disclaimer or Constraints on Use:
No constraints have been identified. Access the most recent version of the SMU Regional Heat Flow Database at the SMU Geothermal Laboratory website.


Figure A-38
Corrected heat flow values from the SMU Geothermal Laboratory Regional Heat Flow Database (2008)


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