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Data Description:
The data includes polygons representing the age and exposure of bedrock geology and the presence of extended crust in the CEUS as mapped by Kanter (1994). The bedrock geology data covers the CEUS, and the extended crust covers the Atlantic coastal region.

Source (Internet URL, CD/DVD-ROM):
Digitized from figure in published report.

Kanter, L.R., 1994, Tectonic Interpretation of Stable Continental Crust: The Earthquakes of Stable Continental Regions, Volume I: Assessment of Large Earthquake Potential-Final Report TR-102261-V1, prepared for Electric Power Research Institute.

Data Summary:
Two ESRI polygon shapefiles have been developed and are intended to be used together; one data set containing the bedrock geology and the other showing areas of extended crust.

Disclaimer or Constraints on Use:
No constraints have been identified.

Figure A-3
Bedrock geology and extended crust after Kanter (1994)


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