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Data set created from Reed et al. (1993): Map of the Precambrian rocks of the Conterminous United States and Some Adjacent Parts of Canada. Faults, dikes, anomalies and geologic units are presented in separate shapefiles.

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Digitized from published map.

Reed, J.C., Jr., 1993, Map of the Precambrian rocks of the conterminous United States and some adjacent parts of Canada: in Reed, J.C., Jr., et al. (editors), Precambrian: Conterminous U.S.: Boulder, Colorado, Geological Society of America, Geology of North America, v. C-2, plate 1.

Data Summary: This data set was created by digitizing contacts, faults and other features to create lines representing faults, dikes, and other linear features, and polygons representing Precambrian geologic units. Faults and other features were attributed according to the information presented in the published map. Digitized at a scale of 1:5,000,000.

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Figure A-8a
Precambrian geology and features after Reed (1993)


Figure A-8b
Explanation of Precambrian geology and features after Reed (1993)


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