The figures in this appendix show the eight alternative realizations of the recurrence maps, as well as maps of the uncertainty in recurrence parameters, for all alternative source zone configurations in the master logic tree and for the three alternative magnitude weights (Cases A, B, and E). Figures J-1 through J-81 show the maps for the three alternative configurations of the Mmax source zones. Figures J-82 through J-189 show the maps for the four alternative configurations of the seismotectonic source zones. The methodology used to generate these maps is documented in Section 5.3.2. Mean maps and magnitude-recurrence comparisons for each source zone are shown in Chapter 6 on Figures 6.4.1-1 through 6.4.1-9 and Figures 6.4.2-1 through 6.4.2-15, respectively; and in Chapter 7 on Figures 7.5.1-1 through 7.5.1-12 and Figures 7.5.2-1 through 7.5.2-51, respectively.


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