AD anno domini (in the year of the Lord)
AFE annual frequency of exceedance
AlC Akaike information criterion
ALM Alabama-Louisiana-Mississippi (zone of possible paleoseismic features)
AM Atlantic Margin
AHEX Atlantic Highly Extended Crust (seismotectonic zone)
ANSS U.S. Advanced National Seismic System
ANT Advanced Nuclear Technology
APC Action Plan Committee
BA Blytheville arch
BC before Christ
BCFZ Big Creek fault zone
BFZ Blytheville fault zone BL Bootheel lineament
BL Bootheel lineament
BMA Brunswick magnetic anomaly
BP before present
BPT Brownian passage time
BTP Branch Technical Position
CAD computer-aided design
CBR center, body, and range
CCFZ Crittenden County fault zone
CDZ Commerce deformation zone
CENA Central and Eastern North America
CERl Center for Earthquake Research and information
CEUS Central and Eastern United States
CFZ Commerce fault zone
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CGL Commerce geophysical lineament
CGRGC Cottonwood Grove-Rough Creek graben
Cl confidence interval
CNWRA Center for Nuclear Waste Regulatory Analysis
COCORP Consortium for Continental Reflection Profiling
COCRUST Consortium for Crustal Reconnaissance Using Seismic Techniques
COL combined construction and operating license
COLA combined operating license application
COMP composite prior, composite superdomain
CON contemporary(with earthquake occurrence)
COV coefficient of variation
CPT cone penetration test
CVSZ Central Virginia seismic zone
D&G Deweyand Gordon (1984 catalog)
DEM digital elevation model
DNFSB Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
DOE U.S. Department of Energy
DWM Division of Waste Management
ECC Extended Continental Crust
ECC-AM Extended Continental Crust-Atlantic Margin (seismotectonic zone)
ECC-GC Extended Continental Crust-Gulf Coast (seismotectonic zone)
ECFS East Coast fault system
ECFS-C East Coast fault system-central segment
ECFS-N East Coast fault system-northern segment
ECFS-S East Coast fault system-southern segment
EC-SFS East Coast-Stafford fault system
ECMA East Coast magnetic anomaly
ECRB East Continent rift basin
ECTM Eastern Canada Telemetered Network
E[M] expected moment magnitude listed in the catalog for an earthquake
ENA eastern North America
EP Eau Plain shear zone
EPRl Electric Power Research institute
EPRl-SOG Electric Power Research lnstitute-Seismicity Owners Group
ERM Eastern rift margin
ERM-N Eastern rift margin-north
ERM-RP Eastern rift margin-river (fault) picks
ERM-S Eastern rift margin-south
ERM-SCC Eastern rift margin-south/Crittenden County
ERM-SRP Eastern rift margin-south/river (fault) picks
ERRM Eastern Reelfoot Rift Margin
ESP early site permit
ESRl Environmental Systems Research institute
ETSZ Eastern Tennessee seismic zone
EUS Eastern United States
FAFC Fluorspar Area fault complex
FGDC Federal Geographic Data Committee
ft foot or feet
FTP file transfer protocol ft/s feet per second ft/yr feet per year
ft/s feet per second
ft/yr feet per year
FWLA Fugro William Lettis & Associates
FWR Fort Wayne rift
Ga billion years ago
GC Gulf Coast
GCVSZ Giles County, Virginia, seismic zone
GHEX Gulf Coast Highly Extended Crust (seismotectonic zone)
GlS geographic information system
GLTZ Great Lakes tectonic zone
GMC ground-motion characterization (model)
GMH Great Meteor Hotspot (seismotectonic zone)
GMPE ground-motion prediction equation
GMRS ground-motion response spectra
GPR ground-penetrating radar
GPS global positioning system
GSC Geological Survey of Canada
Gyr giga years (109 years)
HF Humboldt fault HlD hazard input document l0 maximum intensity
HID hazard input document
Io maximum intensity
lAEA international Atomic Energy Agency
lBEB Illinois Basin Extended Basement (seismotectonic zone)
lPEEE individual Plant Examination for External Events
lRM lapetan rifted margin
lSC international Seismological Centre
lTC informed technical community
ka thousand years ago
K-Ar potassium-argon
km kilometer(s)
km2 square kilometer(s)
km/sec kilometers per second
K-S Kijko-Sellevoll
K-S-B Kijko-Sellevoll-Bayes kyr thousand years
kyr thousand years
LDO Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory(catalog)
LHS Latin hypercube sampling
LLNL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
ln(FA) logarithm of felt area (with felt area measured in km2)
LS least squares
LSA La Salle anticlinal belt
LWLS locally weighted least squares m meter(s)
m meter(s)
M magnitude
M,MW moment magnitudes
Ma million years ago
MAR Marianna (RLME source)
mb body-wave magnitude (short period)
mbLg body-wave magnitude determined from higher-mode (Lg) surface waves
MC coda magnitude
MCMC Markov Chain Monte Carlo MD duration magnitude
MD duration magnitude
MESE Mesozoic and younger extended crust
MESE-N Mesozoic-and-younger extended crust or Mmax zone that is -narrow”
MESE-W Mesozoic-and-younger extended crust or Mmax zone that is -wide”
mi. mile(s)
mi.2 square mile(s)
MlDC midcontinent
MidC Midcontinent-Craton (seismotectonic zone)
Mfa felt-area magnitude
ML local magnitude
Mmax, Mmax maximum magnitude
MMl modified Mercalli intensity
mm/yr millimeters per year
MN Nuttli magnitude
Mo Scalar seismic moment
MRS Midcontinent rift system m/s meters per second
m/s meters per second
MS surface-wave magnitude
MSF Meeman-Shelby fault
Myr million years
NAD83 North American Datum of 1983
NAP Northern Appalachian (seismotectonic zone)
Nd neodymium
NEDB National Earthquake Database
NEl Nuclear Energy institute
NElC National Earthquake information Center
NF Niagara fault zone
NMESE Non-Mesozoic and younger extended crust
NMESE-N Mesozoic-and-younger extended crust or Mmax zone that is -narrow”
NMESE-W Mesozoic-and-younger extended crust or Mmax zone that is -wide”
NMFS New Madrid fault system
NMN New Madrid North fault
NMS New Madrid South fault
NMSZ New Madrid seismic zone
NN New Madrid north (fault segment as designated by Johnston and Schweig, 1996)
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NPP nuclear power plant(s)
NR Nemaha Ridge
NRC U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NRHF Nemaha Ridge-Humboldt fault
NSHMP National Seismic Hazard Mapping Project
NW New Madrid west (fault segment as designated by Johnston and Schweig, 1996)
OKA Oklahoma aulacogen (seismotectonic zone)
OKO Oklahoma Geological Survey Leonard Geophysical Observatory(catalog)
OSL optically stimulated luminescence Pa probability of activity(of being seismogenic)
Pa probability of activity (of being seismogenic)
PEZ Paleozoic Extended Crust (seismotectonic zone)
PGA peak ground acceleration
PM Project Manager
PPRP Participatory Peer Review Panel
PSHA probabilistic seismic hazard analysis
PVHA probabilistic volcanic hazard analysis
RCG Rough Creek graben
RF Reelfoot fault
RFT Reelfoot thrust (fault)
RLME repeated large-magnitude earthquake (source)
RR Reelfoot rift zone
RS Reelfoot South (fault segment)
SA spectral acceleration
SCL St. Charles lineament
SCML south-central magnetic lineament
SCR stable continental region
SCSN South Carolina Seismic Network
SEUS Southeastern United States (catalog)
SEUSSN Southeastern United States Seismic Network
SGFZ Ste. Genevieve fault zone
SHmax maximum horizontal stress, compression, or principal stress
SLR St. Lawrence rift (seismotectonic zone)
SLTZ Spirit Lake tectonic zone
SLU Saint Louis University(catalog)
SNM Sanford et al. (2002 catalog)
SOG Seismicity Owners Group
SPT standard penetration test
SRA Stover, Reagor, and Algermissen (1984 catalog)
SRTM Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
SSC seismic source characterization
SSE safe shutdown earthquake
SSHAC Senior Seismic Hazard Analysis Committee
Str&Tur Street and Turcotte (1977 catalog)
SUSN Southeastern United States Network
TC technical community
TFl technical facilitator/integrator
Tl technical integration
USGS U.S. Geological Survey
USNSN U.S. National Seismograph Network
UTC Coordinated Universal Time
VP/VS ratio of P-wave velocity to S-wave velocity
WES Weston Observatory (catalog)
WlPP Waste isolation Pilot Project
WQSZ Western Quebec seismic zone
WRFZ White River fault zone
WUS Western United States
WVFS Wabash Valley fault system
WVSZ Wabash Valley seismic zone
WWSSN World-Wide Standardized Seismograph Network

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